Never Lost.
Always Revived.
Hypersphere's quantum immune technology is here
to keep your digital valuables safe.
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01. welcome

Hypersphere is here to help.

Hypersphere’s innovative, quantum immune shadowing technology ensures that any sensitive information, starting with cryptocurrency keys, is protected and safe.

02. Benefits

Why Hypersphere?


Our secure programming is patented and keeps your data safe at a quantum level.

Quantum Immune

Our wallets can't be hacked, lost, or stolen.

Cost Effective

Enjoy low monthly costs, not tied to the size of your portfolio.

Ease of Use

Set up and secure your valuable data in just four easy steps.
03. The How

How Does It Work?

When it comes to keeping your data secure, we've got you covered. Each piece of information you entrust to us will be split into up to five encrypted "shadows" and sent to different locations that you designate (and we'll keep a copy in our quantum immune servers, too). Your original document may be lost, destroyed, or corrupted, but as long as you have a shadow, we can revive your data for you. Simple as that.

07. Team

Team & Advisors

With a core team of professionals with experience in coding, software, mathematics, business, and more, Hypersphere has top tier talent keeping your crypto safe.

Dane Butzer

Inventor, Shadowing Technology

James DeCesare

Head of Go-To-Market Partnerships

Tim Lord

Marketing, Hypersphere Technologies

George Butzer

CEO, Hypersphere Technologies
05. Platinum Benefits

Hypersphere Vault

As part of the Platinum Plan, HyperSphere will extend your protection! Whether it is a will, trust paperwork, an insurance policy, your COVID vaccine card or any valuable document that you just can’t lose, you now can shadow these documents in one place so in the case of an emergency, your loved one will not have to sift through a mountain of files in the hopes of finding what is most important.

Unique Wallets
size limit per document

04. The Facts

A History of Loss

Currently, somewhere around 20% of all cryptocurrency is inaccessible to its owners. Whether a user forgot their password, threw out a hard drive, or lost a family member or friend who held part of their crypto keys, accidents and mistakes happen. Don't become the next statistic.

CEO of QuadrigaCX Dies With Password, Leaving Bitcoin Unaccessible > $180m
December 2019
Stefan Thomas Forgets Password, Uses All Login Attempts Unsuccessfully $220m
January 2021
James Howells Contacts Landfill to Attempt Recovery of a Lost Hard Drive $280m
January 2021
Jake Paul Forgets Password and Loses Cryptocurrency $150k
February 2021
DC Family Locked out of Ethereum Cryptocurrency Due to Computer Malfunction $6m
July 2021
Hypersphere Launched
October 2021
05. Word on the Street


Janet Richardson
CFO, Atomic

“I am so glad to know I will not be a statistic – Hypersphere has my data secured and able to be revived anytime.”

Manny Willams
Strategist, Zeppelin Financials

“Gone are the days where I had to keep track of cold wallets and keys. Hypersphere keeps everything safely in one place, and keeps me worry free.”

Aaron Sinclair
CEO, Bytes Crypto

“Peace of mind is worth every penny for this trusted service – I can safely say Hypersphere has changed how I think of crypto security.”

09. Resources


Take a look at our patent license or whitepaper for technical details about our innovative tech.

WhitepaperDownloadPatent CertificateDownload
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